thomas paul bates . registered architect Inspired by the rural and agrarian sensibilities of his rural childhood landscape, Paul Bates naturally gravitated towards architecture. He earned a BA in architecture at Auburn University in Alabama, and continues to strive for honest and authentic results in all of his work. With an eye towards simplicity and a love for the artful meshing of textures, he seeks to capture the romance of a house evolving over time. Whether it be a finely crafted home, or an elegant chair to rest, Paul’s work is grounded by tradition and celebrates life with a modern point of view.

ebee tullos As an Alabama native, it is only natural that Ebee’s aesthetic pays homage to the land that she calls home. She draws inspiration from the stately homes that dot Lake Martin’s shores as well as historic architecture scattered throughout the south. Before joining Paul Bates Architects, Ebee worked for a large Atlanta firm, and then, subsequently with a Birmingham architect. She possesses a keen eye for restoration and is a master in hand drafting, which lends rich detail to her designs. Ebee holds degrees in fine arts and architecture from The Rhode Island School of Design.

laura bartlett . AIA | NCIDQ | LEED AP From undergraduate study in Rome, Italy to international design work in London, Laura has an impressive roster of global career experience. Her diversified portfolio includes high-end projects in London, Dubai, India, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. Although she has successfully managed large commercial projects, her true passion lies in niche work – small-scale and well executed design. Laura creates elegant spaces to suit her clients' needs, often utilizing sustainable design principles. She graduated from Auburn University summa cum laude, receiving degrees in both architecture and interior architecture. She is a licensed architect, interior designer, and LEED accredited professional.